Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yes, I did some things worth mentioning...

I'm trying to look back on this year with a glass-half-full mentality.  It doesn't help when you have Brene Brown in the back of your head saying "Get Deliberate, Get Inspired, Get Going" and you're realizing you didn't really do much of that.  However, I did a little of that, even before I knew what DIG deep meant.  So here are the times in 2017 when I was deliberate, inspired, and out there living life authentically.
  • First trip to the rodeo in at least 7 years!  And so glad I got to introduce a good friend to the magic of cowboy boots and team roping and draft horses and mutton bustin'!  (Although they apparently should make shirts that say "this is my first rodeo".)
  • Gaper Day!!! One of my first experiences with Creatio, and hopefully the first of many.

Yes, the point is to look ridiculous.
  • Reminded myself how much fun live theater can be- Beauty and the Beast at the PACE Center and Mamma Mia at the Buell.  (Laughing a little looking back at my Facebook hashtags- #DancingQueen #OkayMaybeDancingPrincessToddler)
  • Drank my first (and second) Pliny the Elder.  And visited a dozen new breweries in a few different states.
  • Made a lot of cookie cakes as I said goodbye to some really amazing coworkers.  Fortunately, I still have a lot of really amazing coworkers.
  • Tried my hand at slacklining.  Still haven't gotten the hang of it, but new hobbies are good.
  • Kept the track record going with about 6 years in a row of Greek Festival attendance.  It's nice to have traditions, even if it's just me watching the dancing and stuffing my face with Dolmathes and Kourambiethes (not together, that's just gross).
  • Discovered a new winner of a campsite at Twin Lakes.  Also forgot to bring my sleeping bag and ground pad camping.  Can't win 'em all.
  • **Played Camp Health Care Professional (because nobody asked for a Camp Pharmacist who can't even administer meds to minors) for a bit.  Four days never felt so long and yet still had me wishing for more.  Camp Wojtyla is a magical place. And by magical, I mean Blessed.  Don't worry, I'm getting certified to give meds so I can return this year in officially useful capacity.
  • **Didn't lose any kids while chaperoning a high school mission trip to Peru.  Stretched myself plenty, gained a lot of perspective in the process.  Grateful for the ease with which I've been able to participate in these types of trips the last four years.

Yes, I wore the same thing every day. 

  • Despite the pouring rain, lived it up at one of my favorite concerts to date- Miranda Lambert at Red Rocks.  And then finally got Laura a true Hanson concert experience on their Middle of Everywhere 25th anniversary tour.  Acapella Madeline around a single mic was so worth it. Music touches the soul, live music brings those souls together.  
  • Crossed another new 14er off the list.  It was so early when we started that I actually forgot which peak we were hiking when we stopped to ask a park ranger if we were on the right trail To be fair, there was a lot going on at 4:30am because of the Leadville 100.  Huron Peak is a great hike, easy for beginners if you can make it to the upper trailhead before you park (or if you are willing to put some extra miles on the legs before the elevation gain starts like we were).

  • **Trekked across the country on another solo trip, this time to the beautiful Pacific NW for a handful of days in the San Juan Islands.  Kayaking, hiking, biking, wine, beer, and unseasonably sunny weather made for a great trip. 
  • Became an aunt.  That one's probably a pretty big deal.  It's been loads of fun to figure out what makes E smile and laugh.
No, I don't condone the Steelers outfit, but you have to love her smile!

  • Found other ways to spend my Sundays and found out I didn't really miss football.  I'm sure when it's fun to watch again, I'll change my tune, but I got back a lot of free time.
  • Hit year 5 of the Creighton lectures.  Pretty much at the point where I don't have to practice anymore.  Also still making students fall asleep.  I guess toxicology isn't everyone's cup of tea.  
  • Started a full-gut kitchen remodel.  Even without doing any of the work myself (besides a last-minute paint job), it's been stressful beyond what I had imagined and I'm so excited to start over in the new space.
  • **Led a full year of Bible Study with some amazing women, all new to my life, and all a wonderful addition to my circle of friends.  It wasn't without its challenges, but challenge is the whole reason for my New Year's resolution, right?  I think I'll keep the resolution for another year.
(**: Fulfillment of my New Year's Resolution to try three things outside my comfort zone and go one place I've never been before)

May you all have a Blessed, Deliberate, and Inspired 2018!
I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.