Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's baaaaack!

I did it again. Two times. First, I pulled yet another classic Michelle wuss-out. I ditched my final class party at Barrett's. Second, I once again ditched my friends (this time a kayak polo game of Marijo's) in favor of television.

However, I am not at all ashamed because the new writers and producers gave me a fabulous new Women's Murder Club episode to keep me entertained while I was missing all that other fun. Hazzah! Seriously, I don't know why everyone isn't hooked on this show. I love Angie Harmon and I just want her to fall in love so her personal life can be as successful as her detective life. And how adorable was Cindy "Pancake" Thomas? So cute. And the coffee stand guy who is offering to play matchmaker, and Tom standing up for Lindsay even though she broke a few rules. And no annoying Heather to barge in and ruin stuff. I'm just so incredibly addicted to this show and the warm fuzzies it gives me. Pretty sad that a show with "murder" in the title gives me the warm fuzzies. Oh well.

Note to all you non-fanatics out there. WMC is on Tuesdays at 10/9c for at least two more episodes. Give it a shot. Yay!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Homeward Bound

I hope I never grow out of the excitement of returning to colorful Colorado. Part of me wishes the draw wasn't so strong because it would make being away a little easier. But then again, if home doesn't feel like home, I think that would make for a sad existence. Granted, some would take the time to point out that you can establish a new home that starts to feel like home, but I don't think you really get to pick where your heart feels at home. I was watching First Daughter today (lame, I know) and I love the line when she says, "I love who I got to be with him." Colorado is kind of like that for me. I love who I get to be in Colorado. Maybe that has more to do with the break from school or work or whatever, but I think it has more to do with who I get to be around when I'm home. All you Omahans, don't take offense. I love who I get to be when I'm with you as well.

Take-home point: I'm ready to go home for a little while. I'm ready to celebrate my bday with my fam, I'm ready to give Laura her bday present, I'm ready for the Chuck Wicks concert if we ever get on the ball enough to get tickets. I'm totally stoked for A Man For All Seasons, for hanging out with Kelly who always wants to hang out with me, and for running in the neighborhood with my puppy. Okay, back to NAPLEX review.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, it was far from being the perfect day...tough to get out of bed, got wet walking to my car, got wet walking to the hospital, my little baby got much worse yesterday and through the night and essentially nullified any progress we had made, I had to be nervous about my presentation all day, got done later than I had hoped, got wet walking to my car, forgot to ask for decaf on my celebratory Americano, was freezing during Mon's soccer game and for about 2 hours afterward, etc.

But it was still a good day...my oatmeal tasted especially delicious because I was starving when I woke up, I got two free lunches at work, kicked some serious rear on my presentation, got a glowing eval (you should always have people tell you how much you excel at least a couple times a year), talked with Kelly for a little while, talked with Dad for a little while, Marian won 2-0, talked with Laura for a little while, ate my second free lunch for dinner so I didn't have to cook, and now I get to go to bed early and sleep in as late as I want. Yay for me.

Having now made it through 40 weeks rotations, 7 different hospitals/clinics/pharmacies/companies, three different cities, 8 preceptors who all have different expectations, dozens of Attendings to be scared of, and 8 A's, I am officially done with pharmacy school. All I have left is graduation and those pesky board exams. Pssshhht. Piece of cake. The task I'm more concerned about is finding myself an apartment for next year. Hmmm. More intimidating than boards I think. In the mean time, I think I shall have a fantastic birthday weekend, some productive studying and then a well-deserved trip home for some various exciting events and relaxation to the max.

Here's to 12 hours of long overdue sleep!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Distracto-Girl Strikes Again!!!

It doesn't take much to get me distracted these days. Having never gotten to fully experience senioritis, I am in full swing as I endure my last week of rotations. Here is what has me distracted today (besides blogging, obviously):

-The far-fetched dream of vacationing on a cattle ranch, participating in a cattle drive, horseback riding for a week straight, eating campfire food, sleeping in the mountains, hiking, relaxing, and being worked to the bone as a paying ranch hand. Check out these websites: http://www.buckingsranch.com/index/ and http://www.focusranch.com/index.html and http://www.veebar.com/index.html
Those are my top three choices. Now I just have to find somebody to go with me. I don't know why this appeals to me so much, but reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures (and yes, shopping online for boots and other appropriate cowgirl apparel), I just feel like I was made for this vacation. We'll see what happens.

-The gorgeous weather. After a couple weeks of way-too-cold-for-April weather, it finally got sunny and warm. I went for a run. After months of sitting on my butt, probably not a good idea to tackle the hill up 144th St. the minute I stepped out of my house. I got to the top of the hill and started seeing spots. Running down was much easier, although by that time I had been alternating walking and running for a couple miles and my heart rate was back below 150. Note to self: I'm out of shape.

-Brilliant television. Okay, this hasn't actually distracted me yet today, but boy am I counting on it starting at 7:00. One night with the first new Bones episode in 4 months and the season finale (perhaps the series finale depending on the faith of the network execs) of New Amsterdam. I think I enjoy having a new TV show to be obsessed with as much as I actually enjoy the show, but either way it has been highly entertaining. And who can argue with me dropping everything to watch the drama unfold between Bones and Booth? "Serious as a gas attack."

-The CONCACAF Olympic qualifying. Again, this didn't distract me today, but boy the last week or so I've been worthless during the games. I mean, everyone appreciates a nice suspenseful game and a nail-biter victory, but let's please dispense with the shootouts. I hate them, can't stand them, want to pace in my room and scream and throw things. It's not a pretty picture. Here's hoping the game against Australia is televised (I seriously doubt it). Props to Natasha Kai for a couple of clutch goals and to Nicole Barnhart for being the most unlikely hero. And to Pia for a promising couple of months.

-Writing a funny little message for Laura's birthday card to go along with the sick present I got her. That's all I'm saying.

-Designing a flyer/postcard/announcement for my graduation party that I'm finally planning. Any of you in Denver following my mundane jottings, it will be May 16th. Come celebrate and call me Docta'!

Alright, I really have to work on this presentation I'm giving on Thursday since obviously the rest of my night will be in shambles. Happy distractions!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Lauren Cheney makes it 2-0 in the 23rd minute! And now I think on that note I shall go to bed.

Priorities...and some randomness

First off, I just wanted to say that after trying very hard to find something worthwhile on TV tonight to destress from my week and in general relax, knowing that tomorrow will be a long day at the retreat center, I finally decided it was time to call it a night. Bones was decent, What Not to Wear was cute, but neither really made my night and I was super excited to get some great sleep (especially after last night--see below). Right before I turned out the light, I decided to see if there was an update on the WNT blog. They are in Mexico right now for Olympic qualifying and there had been some decent blogs of late, so I thought I'd make a last minute check before snuggling under the covers. Much to my dismay, their first game against Jamaica has just started and I can follow along with MatchTracker. Minute one of the game resulted in a play-by-play scroll that read, "We're only 25 seconds into the game and Abby Wambach has already put the ball in the net!...unfortunately..." That's all they said. And I'm sitting there like, okay I need to get some sleep. Tell me what happened already. Well, the goal was called back because of a previous foul, but of course, now I'm hooked and I have to decide if I want to stay up for the game which I can't watch real time and can only follow on MatchTracker (if you have ever tried to do this you know it is extremely frustrating). I think I will stay up for 12 more minutes until 10:00pm.

In order to pass the time until then, I will tell you about my crazy dream last night. So we're at my cousin's wedding (my cousin isn't even engaged, so I don't know who he's marrying) and whoever his fiance is, she isn't Catholic, but we're still gonna do half the ceremony in Catholic (like Catholic is a language, whatever). And all my favorite STMers are there. Who knows? Maybe they are secretly great friends with my cousin. And Pete is wearing a blue shirt and a purple tie which happens to match my purple dress and I bring up the fact that we match. And Jon Weisiger comes up and says, hey I match too. And sure enough he is also wearing a blue shirt that very much matches Pete's. So then we do the first reading and the psalm and then we sing the Alleluia while the priest and the bridal party processes up the aisle and then the rest of us who are already in the pews process up to receive communion (here's the part that's not Catholic, because there has been no consecration yet and I overhear a little girl ask her mom if she is supposed to receive it because it isn't the Eucharist). It was super weird. There were other details I remembered right after I woke up, but I won't bore you.

The funniest part about the dream was that last night when I talked to my mom I was explaining about how [update: the WNT just scored, Wambach to Lloyd to make it 1-0 in the 18th minute] long-winded my preceptor is and how you ask her a question that could have a two-sentence answer and she does a five-minute discourse. And my mom says, "so kind of like when you tell us about your dreams." Yeah, exactly like that.

So now I'm done with this lovely blog and I still have four minutes to follow the game. My priorities could change in the next four minutes and I could decide that sleep is so not worth it (I have an audio imprint in my head from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Ian is getting baptized and Toula is talking about how any minute he is going to say "you are so not worth this") and end up staying awake for the whole game. Who knows. If I'm this random, anything is possible.
I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.