Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wisdom of the Church

Periodically, I'm reminded that not everyone loves the Catholic Church the way I do. Not everyone sees her doctrines and teachings as labors of love. Not everyone agrees with Chesterton when he says "Catholic doctrine and discipline may be walls; but they are the walls of a playground." There are many issues that are met by our society with anger, misunderstanding, resentment, and disbelief. How could the Church be so backward as to outlaw contraception? How could she be so sexist as to deny women the right to be priests? (These are the words of my misled contemporaries. I don't see the Church's position on contraception as "outlaw" and I certainly don't think that being a priest is a "right".)

But one of the most commonly fought beliefs of orthodox Catholics is that of homosexuality. I want to share this blog post that a classmate of mine found because I think it beautifully and truthfully addresses what it means to be gay and Catholic. I've often pondered my own thoughts on homosexuality, especially having had friends who are gay or have gay relatives, and I've struggled with how to put my beliefs into words that speak of the love that the Church has for homosexuals, without overlooking or minimizing the significance of their struggle. I think every Catholic should read this so that we can compassionately share our Mother Church's love and wisdom.

Read it here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Because I can't leave it unfinished...

Some extra thoughts to finish out the previous post:

8. I wish it was more socially acceptable for girls to shake hands. I'm not talking about an introductory handshake. Yesterday as I was walking into Mass, two young teenage boys (probably 13 or so) greeted each other with a handshake. A "we're clearly friends who haven't seen each other in a while" handshake. Girls don't get to do that. We either hug or stand there awkwardly or potentially if you are still in high school and passing someone in the hall, you can high-five. I have a weird thing about liking handshakes anyway, but more so if it were a common way to greet just about anyone. Don't get me wrong, I love hugs, but have a hard time in situations where they are so not appropriate.

9. You know it's bad when your coworkers start petitioning for you to have days off because you are cranky. They have my best interests at heart, really, but it's a sign that work has been a little too stressful lately.

10. We diagnosed myself with a gastric ulcer tonight. Probably from work stress. Good thing I have a lifetime supply of Zantac at my fingertips. (But really, a coworker bought me some, so I didn't really steal)

11. Speaking of stealing meds, a resident called down to the pharmacy last week to ask if we could send her nauseated intern some zofran. I said no, it's prescription-only, and being that we don't have an outpatient license to dispense, it's illegal. Her response was "can't we just say a patient's dose was dropped and you can send another tablet?" Really?!? Seriously?!? Sometimes I question the qualifications required to work at the hospital.

Friday, November 11, 2011


In honor of 11-11-11, here are 11 random thoughts occupying my head this beautiful Friday morning:

1. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
2. I love Barnes and Noble. Really any bookstore, it just happens that the South Denver area is a little more lacking in the mom-and-pop arena. Walking around with my tall, light-room, one-pump-pumpkin-spice americano, just looking ("look at all the pretty!"). Planning Christmas gifts in my head. Resisting splurges for myself. Jotting down ideas for my next library visit. It all takes all the worries right outta my head.
3. I'm going to make it outside today to enjoy this gorgeous fall weather. I know some people are ready for the snow. And others are mourning the disappearance of the truly warm temps. But Fall days in the upper 60's with the sunshine and the crunch of leaves underfoot...I'll take those any day of the week. Bring on the jeans and hoodies. Or, since I have to go to work, scrubs and fleeces.
4. I hearby make a pact with myself to get to know the Saints. Not the New Orleans variety, although they have pulled out a couple big wins in my loser pool (see next post). Whenever I'm at Mass and it happens to be a Feast or Memorial, I find myself more often than not in complete ignorance of the day's patron. Granted, whenever possible, I try to plan my Mass days around Saints I like. Cosmos and Damian, Luke, etc. But there are so many. And they are such gifts to us who struggle in our faith life, holy examples of excellence in a world that encourages mediocrity.
5. Go Raiders!! I never thought I'd utter that statement. But my friends, if Philly wins on Sunday, I am crowned the winner of the loser pool. Pick a team to lose, any team, so long as you only pick them once all season. If they win, you're out. And thank goodness I don't trust the AFC West madness occurring this season because I stayed far away from picking those Raiders to lose. My coworker, and head-to-head opponent these last couple weeks, was not so wise. As long as Arizona comes through for me and botches the game, I'm the champion!
6. When a phone was just a phone, it was a lot easier to pick one.
7. I'm out of thoughts and out of time. Too bad today wasn't 7-7-07.
I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.