Monday, October 27, 2008

Number 3

Friday, October 24th:
Michelle says to Coco, "Hey, the next time I pick up a shift for cash, I'm buying this North Face coat."

Monday, October 27th:
Kristin emails Michelle (and several others) needing somebody to pick up a 14OE shift (that's an order entry shift that starts at 1400. You know pharmacists and their abbreviations.)

Friday, October 31st:
Michelle will put in a 14-hour day, make a little cash, help a fellow pharmacist in need. And avoid all those dastardly Halloween events. (Yet still get off in enough time to hang out with MJ in a non-Halloween manner)

Saturday, November 1st:
Michelle will return to the scene of much trying on and debating (Dick's Sporting Goods) to purchase said North Face coat.

How exciting is that chain of events? SO COOL! (done with appropriate arm gestures) I may even treat myself to the TNF hat that reminds me of Hope Solo. And like Kassie said, there will be enough left over for dinner.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Orange MUSH

Apparently it was too much to ask for the impressive play to hold out. Since then, Cutler has turned the ball over twice and completed 0 passes. I'm not going to blog anymore throughout the game lest I jinx us. And I should probably focus on work anyway. Grrrr.

Orange CRUSH!

If I have to be at work, at least I have the comfort of watching Cutler go 7/7 for 67 yards on the opening drive. (we're pretty slow right now in the pharmacy) Go Broncos!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The WPS Update

So I gave 10 minutes to analyzing the general draft. I haven't heard of many of the players, but I read a little of the analysis. I decided to independently rate teams based on WNT selection, international draft and domestic draft. It was too hard to subjectively think about the teams as a whole because I'd be disappointed in Washington's international draft picks but found it hard to balance that with a great WNT showing. Vice versa with Bay Area who of course got the first international picks due to poor WNT selection. So in a semi-objective manner, still highly biased toward my favorite players, here is my new ranking with minimal comments:

1- Sky Blue FC: I still just think that they have a lot of potential and a lot of personality. They'll be great for the league.

2- Chicago: While I don't think they did as well with player selection, I think that coaching will play a big factor for this team based on what I've read.

3- St. Louis: Technically based on my numbering system, they should be fourth, but I really think that their international draft will go a long way. Plus, remember, I love Hope Solo.

4- Boston: Did better in the second two rounds of player selection.

5- Washington: Despite their strong showing of WNT players, they somehow fell to fifth on this list. Maybe tied for fourth would be better.

6- Los Angeles: I think this team more than the others has a lot of potential to be great but perhaps need a lot of things to click at the same time for this to happen.

7- Bay Area: Good thing I still have a fairly definite last place.

Okay, apparently the international draft is still leaving a lot of questions in the air in terms of contracts and availability, so this is all subject to change based on official signings. Also, if I'm not going based on a points system, I think my top three teams would be NY/NJ, St Louis, and either Chicago or L.A. I'm thinking this may depend on L.A.'s mascot and logo. :) If I'm spending this much time thinking about it now, imagine how awful I'll be once the games start.

And I've missed the first 10 minutes of The Office. Blast!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Barbie, Johnny, Bobby, Pat...

I think there's a Kathleen, Janie, Michael, Jimmy, Margie, Kelly, and one more. The Fitzgeralds, who only my mother, Laura, and the Fitzgeralds can name. I always got stuck after Pat. Anyway, one of many references from my conversation with my mom this evening that made me smile. It was a nice reminder of how my family understands one another and how we're one of a kind. In a "don't call K-LOVE if you want your fitted sheets folded" kind of way. Seriously, an outsider might think we're weird and may run away from reprises of The Singing Nun or not laugh at my made-up memories (and ducky songs). They won't understand the joy of hearing my dad say "that's why you skateboard" or the ever-repeating refrain of, "You should make it again some time." They don't laugh at/with Kelly singing the harmony on the Lamb of God ("of the world") or reminisce about the Moon Room and the Bugger. Was it the Bugger or the Buggy? I think Bugger. Anyway, my point is that of all the things that are "mine", I am the proudest to claim my family.

Today was not a good day: I had to get up at 5:15, my "low tire pressure" warning light and gas light came on while I was driving to work, I screwed up on rounds when my preceptor asked me a question, I was hurried in writing some orders and wrapping things up before my lunch meeting, my phone died, I spent over two hours at the dentist getting three fillings...

And yet, I had conversations with my mom, my dad, and two of my sisters (after I recharged my phone), I arrived home to find two packages even though it turns out one wasn't supposed to be for me (my dad is pretty funny), I got a great email from a good friend, and I enjoyed some much-needed fellowship at my ENDOW study. So today was not altogether a bad day.

If that's the worst thing that happens to you dad's favorite cure-all saying. I heard a new "worst thing" today. My great uncle Bud died of melanoma of the eye. My eye, MY EYE!! Suddenly my day doesn't look so bad. And it's largely due to the influence of my crazy, brilliant, indefatigable family. I don't think we're indefatigable, I just wanted to use that word.

Now I really have to read about the differences between Mycophenolate Mofetil and Enteric Coated Mycophenolate Sodium before I go to bed. Cheers!
I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.