Tuesday, January 15, 2008

holy random batman

random musings to help distract me from my headache and my growly tummy:

*we had a "code pink" yesterday. the bad news is "code pink" means somebody stole a baby and we had to stand lookout in the stairwell. the good news is i think the baby was taken to get a scan or test done or something and they forgot to tell somebody they were taking the baby. regardless, the baby was found and everything was hunky-dorey.

*note to self: if someone asks when you are available for an interview, be specific when you answer. otherwise you get a request for an interview the same day you are supposed to start what is supposed to be your favorite rotation.

*i'm not entirely sure that the role of clinical pharmacist is for me, which is scary. it's just a lot of walking around and making recommendations that don't get taken. although mostly today was bad because i was too much of a sissy to page the doctor by myself while my preceptor was in meetings. maybe when i'm a pharmacist, i will feel more confident about it. somewhere out there is a job i will love. i just haven't found it yet. like hilary says, i need to find my "dare to be great" job.

*hot water with honey and lemon soothes the throat better than hot tea. thanks to anastasia/anya for the idea. that one worked out a lot better than the whole oreos in apple juice fiasco courtesy of buffy.

*i wanted to do a whole blog on my favorite things about the catholic church. you see, when i think about what makes me unique, or what i have to offer, or the gifts i've been given, the best i can come up with is an unfailing and passionate love of the church (with a capital 'c' but i decided i'm not in a capital letter mood...we'll just pretend my shift key is broken, which it clearly isn't since i have used a colon). i thought maybe i should just pick my five most favorite things and blog on it. but i'm having trouble with the five. so i'll start with my number one and maybe one day down the road, i'll be able to think of the other four. i love, love, love the red candle. i love that i can walk into any catholic church, chapel, or otherwise designated room (including a peace hut), see the red candle burning, and know that jesus is there. it's something that no other church can claim. and it makes me feel like home.

*in typical father/daughter fashion, my dad and i have come up with yet another cheesy tv show to share. although i will admit that 'terminator: the sarah connor chronicles' is faring far better in terms of critical acclaim than i'm sure any other of our shows did. i mean, some have been decent, but i don't think that xena, the sentinel, 7 days, the profiler, or star trek voyager was on the top of any emmy lists. we'll see if terminator holds our interest. shouldn't take much considering that the writer's strike has destroyed television as we know it.

*i think when i'm pregnant, i'm going to have to have my doctor put a calorie limit on my diet. otherwise, i know that i will justify indulging every possible food craving (or boredom snack) by claiming i'm eating for two, even at 6 weeks. i'd become the goodyear blimp and i might stay that way after delivery. so, while i may give in to weird food-combo cravings, it better not result in constant consumption. of course, that's so far into the future that by then, they'll have some magic diet pill or machine that just wipes away the baby fat with no adverse side effects.

*i want a puppy. and a horse. and somebody to ride my horse with. first i better get a real job.

*sometimes i like to imagine how i would act and what i would say and how i would interact with fans if i were a famous sports player or musician. we've all seen my acting ability and know that there is no use fantasizing fame in that field. come to think of it, we could probably rule out the music industry too. it's kind of like when i pretend my life is a movie and i write scripts in my head. since i'm left-brained, i usually come up with about 15 seconds of dialogue before the creativity dies. that's okay, because that's about as long as my fame would last anyway.

*i'm very happy for kristine lilly and her husband dave and the baby on the way. but what is women's soccer gonna do without her? i mean, mia hamm and julie foudy were amazing, but lil has played in every world cup and olympics that the uswnt team has ever played in. what a legacy! these up-and-comers have some big shoes to fill.

Friday, January 4, 2008

...and a happy new year

My New Year's Resolutions (a couple days late)
-do atleast 50 situps a day (a very do-able physical resolution that I hope will motivate me to do more)
-say a decade of the rosary every day for my vocation (a very do-able spiritual resolution that I hope will motivate me to do more)
-read 6 nonfiction books about topics that will teach me or inspire me (last year's resolution worked so well, I thought I'd try again in a way that would broaden my knowledge; a very do-able mental/intellectual resolution...you get the idea)

Your New Year's Resolutions (based on my successes and failures of 2007)
-see dolphins up close
-spend quality time with quality friends
-go ahead and eat the chocolate
-challenge yourself
-get a dog
-do something totally new at least once every couple months (duck racing, marching in a parade, going to an art auction, ice skating outside)
-try new foods, even if it doesn't sound good
-go to the rodeo
-get outside as much as possible
-don't be afraid to stay in your comfort zone as long as you aren't afraid to leave it either
-read a couple really good books
-watch your favorite movie again
-surround yourself with people who make you laugh
-go to a really awesome Sushi Bar
-sleep in
-buy fun socks
-go to a professional football game
-be really passionate about something (even if it causes you to get up at 4am and nearly have a heart attack)
-recognize how awesome your family is
-play Quelf
-meet new people

Happy 2008!
I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.