Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The lasso of truth

So I didn't write after my root canals. Yes, that was plural because the endodontist did a root canal on the wrong tooth to begin with. Fortunately, that tooth was in trouble as well so it ended up being a fortuitous mistake. I have discovered in listening to others' responses to my ordeal that I am inherently trusting of people. I have no doubt that my tooth was in need of some serious pulp removal, yet everyone responds with, "So he says." Note to the skeptics: he said the tooth looked awful before he realized it was the wrong tooth. In other news...

Isn’t it funny how forgetful our bodies are? When I am in pain, I frequently have a hard time remembering how it feels to not be in pain. Same thing with nausea or exhaustion. Especially exhaustion. When that whole-body heaviness hits in mid-afternoon and I fight to keep my eyes open, I forget so easily what it feels like to have energy to run down a football field or kill Kelly at Wii tennis. Fortunately, my body forgets the bad as well. I can’t force myself to relive the pain of a broken leg even if I tried. My mind just can’t make my body remember what it went through. If only our mental memories of pain were as transient. I can still remember insults I received (and made) 10 years ago. If the tradeoff for that is being able to remember the times of laughter and joy from 10 years ago as well, I’ll gladly find the effort to filter out the painful memories.

Onto less morbid thoughts.
Bones is amazing. I love laughing out loud and making people wonder what is so hysterical. I'll tell you. Wonder Woman being scared of snakes and recognizing that it's irrational (like me and spiders), but still not being able to help herself. Wonder Woman again spinning around in the lab and using her Amazon metal bracelets, or whatever they're supposed to be, as shields. Zach as the back end of a cow...as Hodgins says, so many jokes, so little time. And it was so adorable to have Brennan arguing that they weren't Clark Kent and Wonder Woman and that they weren't on a date, and then to have Brennan apologize to Booth that he had to kill someone. They're so cute when they aren't together, and I love that the writers don't feel the need to put them together.

I find I have to live vicariously through squints and shields because of my pathetic lack of a life. It's either that or through the sappy Nicholas Sparks characters, or the murder mystery cops from the book of the week. And just in case you were wondering, I love ice cream. And I love being in a city that doesn't care about Husker football, and I'm sorry to all you Husker fans out there, but the Colts are worth backing and worthy of the water cooler conversations. One more thing I love: my crazy family who spoils me rotten and tells stories about my grandparents communicating from the other side and who raise baby horses and make amazing food and remember funny stories about my crazy great-grandpa Hamm who poored black coffee on his corn flakes (said in the "crazy Uncle Erwin who fell asleep in the macaroni and cheese" voice). They're awesome and I hope and I pray that my future husband loves them to death and has a family half as fun to share with me.


Laura Zaps said...

right now i hate ice cream. and muffins and pumpkin pie. soooooo overloaded in the 24 hours. but i did love bones. i somehow missed hodgins saying that, but i can picture it. i do remember some comment about zack not dressing up. which is what i told mike dennihan when he showed up to marie's as richard simmons. ps. next year, i want to be the incredibles (or at least one of them)

MJ said...

dude, i'm surprised you survived in the great state of Nebraska as long as you have if that's how you feel about the football team.

I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.