Friday, January 4, 2008

...and a happy new year

My New Year's Resolutions (a couple days late)
-do atleast 50 situps a day (a very do-able physical resolution that I hope will motivate me to do more)
-say a decade of the rosary every day for my vocation (a very do-able spiritual resolution that I hope will motivate me to do more)
-read 6 nonfiction books about topics that will teach me or inspire me (last year's resolution worked so well, I thought I'd try again in a way that would broaden my knowledge; a very do-able mental/intellectual get the idea)

Your New Year's Resolutions (based on my successes and failures of 2007)
-see dolphins up close
-spend quality time with quality friends
-go ahead and eat the chocolate
-challenge yourself
-get a dog
-do something totally new at least once every couple months (duck racing, marching in a parade, going to an art auction, ice skating outside)
-try new foods, even if it doesn't sound good
-go to the rodeo
-get outside as much as possible
-don't be afraid to stay in your comfort zone as long as you aren't afraid to leave it either
-read a couple really good books
-watch your favorite movie again
-surround yourself with people who make you laugh
-go to a really awesome Sushi Bar
-sleep in
-buy fun socks
-go to a professional football game
-be really passionate about something (even if it causes you to get up at 4am and nearly have a heart attack)
-recognize how awesome your family is
-play Quelf
-meet new people

Happy 2008!

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