Friday, March 28, 2008

Yay God Sunrise!

Colorado may have a rather large market share of top-notch sunsets, but my drive to work has been chock-full of the most perfect sunrises the last two weeks. I like to pretend that it's God's morning present just to me. Like, "Hey, Michelle, congratulations for pulling yourself out of bed. Your reward is gorgeous pink and orange peeking through the clouds. Tune in tomorrow as I try my hand at a brand new design." Nice, huh? It sounds a little goofy and corny, I know. But mornings are tough for me, more so lately than in a long time. So it's nice to have a reason to smile as I start my day.

I had every intention of turning this into a much longer blog and writing about everything that has inspired me in the past couple weeks. But I am watching 'Music and Lyrics' to decompress from a long week. I should be studying because Relay for Life and the Spring Banquet are this weekend and I won't have enough free time to both sleep and study. And we all know which one I will choose. So, I guess the brilliant blog will have to wait.

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I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.