Friday, June 13, 2008

Feast Day

Tony, Tony, please come 'round.
My brain is lost and can't be found.

NE MPJE today. I'm torn between anxiety and calm, between panic and just wanting to have it over with. Mass helped. I think I'm going to the grocery store for some chocolate chips so I can make a Deluxe to eat on the way to the test. That will help too. And I've decided to do a throwback to P3 year and watch the 11-minute Alias outtakes clip to keep my spirits light. That should be around lunchtime. Until then, I've decided to keep reviewing. Even though my brain has deserted me because it got too full it had to jump ship.

Speaking of Deluxes, I've decided that if pharmacy doesn't work out (or even if it does), I'm going to market a candy bar called "Deluxe" that is dark-chocolate-covered layers of graham cracker filled with alternating peanut butter and fudge. It will be pretty amazing. And probably about 8 inches tall. Oh well.

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