Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Somewhere in Middle America

My whirlwind trip to Omaha was successful for the following reasons:
*Bangkok Cuisine chicken pad thai...check!
*Dark Side Vanilla Porter...check!
*An excuse to wear my Abby Wambach jersey...check!
*Trying a new Omaha restaurant...check!
*Seeing many wonderful friends...check!
*Reminding myself why I love Denver...check!
*Back in time to go to work...check!
*Safe drive, clear weather, nap time...check!

My whirlwind trip was, however, lacking the following:
*A trip to Theodore and Wallace's (I did make it to the eCreamery for some yummy pumpkin gelato)
*An extra hour of sleep because I miscalculated the time we needed to leave Omaha in order to be back in time
*A USWNT victory
*Face paint and an ESPN-worthy sign (something like "I drove all the way from Denver for Kate Markgraf's 200th cap!")
*An extra car for Mary to chauffeur herself around

All in all, I had a great time. Pics to be posted on facebook later, just from the game

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