Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wisdom of the Church

Periodically, I'm reminded that not everyone loves the Catholic Church the way I do. Not everyone sees her doctrines and teachings as labors of love. Not everyone agrees with Chesterton when he says "Catholic doctrine and discipline may be walls; but they are the walls of a playground." There are many issues that are met by our society with anger, misunderstanding, resentment, and disbelief. How could the Church be so backward as to outlaw contraception? How could she be so sexist as to deny women the right to be priests? (These are the words of my misled contemporaries. I don't see the Church's position on contraception as "outlaw" and I certainly don't think that being a priest is a "right".)

But one of the most commonly fought beliefs of orthodox Catholics is that of homosexuality. I want to share this blog post that a classmate of mine found because I think it beautifully and truthfully addresses what it means to be gay and Catholic. I've often pondered my own thoughts on homosexuality, especially having had friends who are gay or have gay relatives, and I've struggled with how to put my beliefs into words that speak of the love that the Church has for homosexuals, without overlooking or minimizing the significance of their struggle. I think every Catholic should read this so that we can compassionately share our Mother Church's love and wisdom.

Read it here.

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