Saturday, January 28, 2012

You Make Me Feel

This is why I listen to music. To make me feel. Happy, sad, nostalgic, romantic, content, energetic, full of longing, joyful, hopeful, home. Music makes me feel all of those things and more. I listen to enhance what I'm already feeling, or to get me out of a funk that I don't want to be in. I listen to celebrate a great day or to wallow in a bad one. I listen to dance, to belt it out, to absorb. And the reason I love this video is because not only is it a phenomenal song by an incredibly gifted vocalist, and not only is it my current favorite song that I sing in the shower every day, but because it shows the human side of music. Not every moment of this version is my favorite, but I love the start of the second verse, I love her forgetting the lyrics, I love the ad lib "wanted" because she doesn't like him anymore, and I love watching someone share their talent.

Here's the link again because it's AMAZING!

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