Friday, November 23, 2012

Let Your Heart Be Light

Nothing like the day after Thanksgiving to really kick off the Christmas season.  Yes, I'm being a bad Catholic and ignoring Advent.  It's not even Christ the King yet, so get your liturgical correctness out of my good mood.  Even though the Christmas tunes have already made several appearances in the car (and even at work, gasp!), and I made it through my first full-length viewing of Christmas Vacation last night (I don't know Margo!), the holiday season always officially starts today.  Forget Black Friday and the madness of consumerism.  I spent the day watching college football--go 'Skers--and putting up my Christmas tree.  The outdoor lights were already up, courtesy of a gorgeous November day and my neighbor's "magic stick," so today was all about the indoor decorations.  Stockings are hung, garland adorns the stair railings, and my 8-foot fake tree is decorated in all its splendor.  It's got the traditional bulbs, the hallmark Creighton ornament, a couple Purdue classics, gifts from friends and family, a stolen strand of lights, and a conspicuously empty tree skirt.  Have a look, and have yourselves a merry little Christmas:

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Laura Zaps said...

Mine looks a little Charlie Brown compared to yours. But that's okay. I'm going to splurge on a second strand of lights this year I think, and maybe some garland.

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