Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's baaaaack!

I did it again. Two times. First, I pulled yet another classic Michelle wuss-out. I ditched my final class party at Barrett's. Second, I once again ditched my friends (this time a kayak polo game of Marijo's) in favor of television.

However, I am not at all ashamed because the new writers and producers gave me a fabulous new Women's Murder Club episode to keep me entertained while I was missing all that other fun. Hazzah! Seriously, I don't know why everyone isn't hooked on this show. I love Angie Harmon and I just want her to fall in love so her personal life can be as successful as her detective life. And how adorable was Cindy "Pancake" Thomas? So cute. And the coffee stand guy who is offering to play matchmaker, and Tom standing up for Lindsay even though she broke a few rules. And no annoying Heather to barge in and ruin stuff. I'm just so incredibly addicted to this show and the warm fuzzies it gives me. Pretty sad that a show with "murder" in the title gives me the warm fuzzies. Oh well.

Note to all you non-fanatics out there. WMC is on Tuesdays at 10/9c for at least two more episodes. Give it a shot. Yay!!!!!

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