Saturday, July 5, 2008

Breathing easy...for the most part

Reasons for sighs of relief today:
Abby Wambach did not score her 100th goal. Still thinking up cool sign ideas for the game next week.
OPPD is not disconnecting my power.
I survived the first week of residency (it was really only three days, probably shouldn't count).
My furniture fit through my door.
The fireworks did not keep me up last night.
I have plans for tonight that do not involve sitting by myself watching one of my three TV channels.

Reasons my weekend isn't as good as it could be:
Despite only being three days in, my residency is a little overwhelming. I have to choose topics for my Grand Rounds and my research project within the next couple days.
I had to drop $50 on scrubs and a lab coat. Not cool.
I have to review Biostats today. More severely not cool.
I haven't figured out how to get Fox on my TV.
Still not sure if I can get off for Brady's wedding. Don't think I'm scheduled to work for Marie and Bobby's.
Checked the Creighton soccer schedule last night. Only gonna be able to make about half of the home games. Stupid staffing.
My bank account is protesting the purchase of my bookshelf. The one piece of furniture I deemed mandatory, to show off all my lovely novels in my attempt to mimic my grandparents' house, may have to wait until my first paycheck. Boo that.

All in all, not too bad I guess. Until I get about a page into Biostats, and then I might vomit. Cheers.

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