Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Little Extra Olympian Love

So I'm having a lazy Sunday, not feeling so hot, so not feeling guilty about alternating my ACLS reading prep with lots of TV. AVP was on and I love watching Kerri Walsh and Misty May about as much as I love watching anything. But my favorite part of the match had nothing to do with volleyball. After championship point (killer kill by Walsh down the line), Misty turns to the camera as she usually does to say hi to the folks back home. She says, "Hi everybody back home" with the double hand wave and then starts to say something else that I caught only the tail end of because the crowd was so loud. Replay allowed me to read her lips:

"Hey Abby Wambach, I hope you're feeling better. Keep your head up. Stay strong."

Awesome. I second that sentiment. I'm gonna try for a movie now, provided my internet works. And then back to analyzing cardiac rhythms and dosing vasopressors.

P.S. Went to Pettit's for the first time this morning. (How is it that my sister, who's been in Omaha all of a year, has been to more Omaha landmarks that I have?) Let's just say it was the most amazing way to start a Sunday. I had a raspberry bear claw with glazed almonds on top followed by a German Chocolate magical pastry with coconut pecan frosting filled with some sort of bavarian cream or something. Half for breakfast, half for lunch so I didn't make myself sick. I could have something new from there every week for a year and still not try everything. Seriously mouthwateringly delicious. Yes, I just said mouthwateringly.

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