Saturday, September 20, 2008

WPS...let the fanfare begin

So, nearly a week after the allocation of the USWNT into the seven teams of the upcoming WPS, I sat down to think for 10 minutes about where my loyalties might lie. When the allocation was first announced, I stared at the teams wondering how I could possibly pick a favorite. Wondering how I could tolerate my idols losing week after week (hey, as long as somebody is winning games, somebody is losing). I have outlined a preliminary ranking of the teams based strictly on the three WNT players that have been assigned. These rankings will only adjust slightly as the teams are filled out, as I am fairly ignorant of the players who participated in the recent combine. It's mostly W-League players so far, although I'm sure some current NCAA standout seniors will be breaking onto the scene come spring. The rankings are likely to change more based on where I end up next year (won't matter much if it's Colorado), how much research I do, and how the teams perform early on (nobody likes to back a losing team).

In order with minimal commentary, here is the list:
  1. Sky Blue FC: Rampone, O'Reilly, Kai--not hard to see why they top the list. I love all three of these women and I think they bring the best combined talent and diversity of any threesome.
  2. Washington Freedom: Krieger, Wambach, Whitehill--hard not to root for Mia's alma mater so to speak. Of course, I gotta cheer for Abby. But I'm also intrigued by Ali Krieger after reading about her European conquests when she was named an Olympic alternate.
  3. Chicago Red Stars: Lloyd, Markgraf, Tarpley--despite not being able to get behind the team name, I think this should be a good group. I hope Tarp starts showing more of the spark I know is in her.
  4. Los Angeles: Boxx, Cox, Wagner--Still trying to decide where Cox lies, but Boxxy and Wagner in the midfield are going to dominate possession and distribution. It will be nice to see Wagner get some substantial playing time so the rest of the world can see her stuff.
  5. Boston Breakers: Hucles, Lilly, Mitts--excited to see Lil back on the field. Hucles was impressive over the last couple months but she hasn't completely won me over. Lilly is keeping this group ahead of St. Louis.
  6. St. Louis: Solo, Chalupny, Ellertson--haven't seen much from Ellertson in a while. It kills me that I don't think I can root for this team more, because you know my heart is 100% a Solo girl.
  7. Bay Area: Barnhart, Buehler, Osborne--a fairly definitive last place. Not that I don't like these players, but look at the other trios they are up against.


Laura Zaps said...

i wrote on your wall before i saw this. i don't know anything about krieger, so freedom was third or fourth on my list despite having abby, because, as we've seen, abby doesn't mean everything. i agree about bay area though...very sad. someone's gotta be last though. and really, it's going to be the experience and the exposure that will be the real joy for these girls.

Laura Zaps said...

after seeing the whole rosters, my only switch is st louis and boston. st louis made some strong picks. the rest stays the same though.

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