Thursday, October 9, 2008

The WPS Update

So I gave 10 minutes to analyzing the general draft. I haven't heard of many of the players, but I read a little of the analysis. I decided to independently rate teams based on WNT selection, international draft and domestic draft. It was too hard to subjectively think about the teams as a whole because I'd be disappointed in Washington's international draft picks but found it hard to balance that with a great WNT showing. Vice versa with Bay Area who of course got the first international picks due to poor WNT selection. So in a semi-objective manner, still highly biased toward my favorite players, here is my new ranking with minimal comments:

1- Sky Blue FC: I still just think that they have a lot of potential and a lot of personality. They'll be great for the league.

2- Chicago: While I don't think they did as well with player selection, I think that coaching will play a big factor for this team based on what I've read.

3- St. Louis: Technically based on my numbering system, they should be fourth, but I really think that their international draft will go a long way. Plus, remember, I love Hope Solo.

4- Boston: Did better in the second two rounds of player selection.

5- Washington: Despite their strong showing of WNT players, they somehow fell to fifth on this list. Maybe tied for fourth would be better.

6- Los Angeles: I think this team more than the others has a lot of potential to be great but perhaps need a lot of things to click at the same time for this to happen.

7- Bay Area: Good thing I still have a fairly definite last place.

Okay, apparently the international draft is still leaving a lot of questions in the air in terms of contracts and availability, so this is all subject to change based on official signings. Also, if I'm not going based on a points system, I think my top three teams would be NY/NJ, St Louis, and either Chicago or L.A. I'm thinking this may depend on L.A.'s mascot and logo. :) If I'm spending this much time thinking about it now, imagine how awful I'll be once the games start.

And I've missed the first 10 minutes of The Office. Blast!

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