Monday, June 15, 2009

The Perfect Day

No, I have not just finished the perfect day. I wish. What I did do today was experience enough glimpses of the perfect day to get me thinking about it. Of course, I took the day off, and in any sane universe, the perfect day would not involve work. At least not of the job kind. Nobody loves their job that much. Except maybe a rodeo cowboy or a rock star, but even they like to relax. I'm not going to put times on my perfect day events, because that implies that everything has to go according to plan, which of course would not be the case. Let's also assume that any location constraints are gone so that I could theoretically not have to worry about driving from Red Rocks to Silverthorne to Centennial. I imagine here is how my day would go:

Wake up after a long, restful night's sleep, no alarm. Maybe a dog licking my face or the sun hitting my pillow. Relaxing shower, and put on my favorite spring/summer outfit. Go to Mass and see old friends. Enjoy the sensation of feeling very at home in the Catholic Church. Accompany said friends to a cute little coffee shop with a patio and soak in the morning sun while sipping on a perfect insert favorite-coffee-drink-of-the-moment here. Reminisce about fond memories and hopeful futures.

The later part of the morning is always the toughest for me to fill when I imagine my perfect day. I would like to think I would be outside. I suppose whatever activity of the day occurs to me would be fine. Options may include a trip to the Botanical Gardens, an outdoor art show, a short but beautiful hike (remember, location doesn't matter), a zoo outing, planting flowers, a leisurely bike ride around the park, etc. If I'm outside and with friends, it's good enough for me.

Lunch of course would be a bug-free picnic, if those exist. Mostly because again, I'm trying to be outside, and also I love picnic food. Simple sandwiches, fresh fruit, maybe a cookie. Okay, definitely a cookie. We could throw a football or a frisbee or a softball. Lovely.

After all that outdoor time, I think I'm ready for either a nap or a movie or a good book. Part of me thinks I shouldn't waste my perfect day inside on a couch. But the other part of me says that I love sitting inside on the couch. Especially if I have no other obligations. I love watching movies and laughing along with my favorite lines or waiting in suspense for the next scene of a movie I haven't seen. I love the escape of books. You all know that. And I love sleeping. So, none of the above are really a waste.

Dinner would be grilling out on the back deck. Burgers or brats or chicken, and of course, corn on the cob. Lots of friends and family. A couple games of corn toss and ladder golf. Lots of laughing. And watching the sun set over the mountains. Who knows what the night time activity would bring. Maybe some cards. Maybe just more lounging in the back yard. Maybe a game of ultimate frisbee on the golf course. Or a walk around the neighborhood. Or another movie or book.

Okay, in looking back over this, I didn't experience any of this today. Except when I was at the park walking around, I saw a family playing corn toss in their backyard and laughing and drinking beer. It looked like the perfect way to end a summer day. Except it was only about 3:30 in the afternoon. Don't you people have jobs? (Says the girl who took the day off.)

That's all I've got. I think I'm gonna go start cooking dinner. I have chicken and tomatoes and a pepper and no clue what to do with them. We'll figure something out.

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