Friday, August 14, 2009

Strep Ho-Ho

Whoa, watch out. I know it's been a LONG time since I've posted. And that's really the reason why I'm posting. I tried to have a conversation with my dad last night about one of my patients. Only I had to stop and clarify about every third word because apparently non-medical professionals understand less than I thought. Can you imagine if I tried to talk to my dad about Strep Ho-Ho? That's what my coworkers call Streptococcus Hominis Hominis. And it made me laugh, but I think you had to be there. Every once in a while when I'm on rounds I pause to think what an outsider might do if they were forced to listen in. And I'm amazed at how much of it makes sense to me when even a year ago, I might have felt like the dunce.

The last two days I've gotten to round with the pulmonary team and our wonderful pulmonary pharmacist. We've seen a lot of CF-ers (one of the reasons why it took me twenty minutes to explain something to my dad), and a lot of cute kids. I've alternately been grateful for my health, sympathetic toward parents, angry at our "bandaid society" (which I don't really feel like writing about), overwhelmed at the amount of knowledge I should know for my job, and in awe at how adorable kids are even when they are feeling their worst. I hope many days are just like the last two days, because then I can rest easy at night knowing that I am in the right career at the right institution.

And now I'm going to regress to my pre-doctorate days and finish watching 17 Again with my family.

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