Saturday, October 23, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Let me tell you the quickest way to experience and enjoy simple pleasures in your life--have a really crappy memory! Last night as I was leaving work, I happened to glance at the schedule and realized I HAVE A 3-DAY WEEKEND!!!!! Everybody channel Harry Carey now...HOLY COW!! Yes, I had completely spaced that the schedule was a little jankity this month giving me the Monday off before my weekend, and thus, 3 glorious days of freedom. Even better is that it follows one of my roughest weeks of work in recent memory. Was it because the kids were really sick? No. Was it because the census is super high or turn-around is particularly rapid due to respiratory season? No, no. Was it because some people don't think before they act? YES! And, some people have attitudes that don't mesh uber-well with the teamwork mentality of my department.

And so, after a night of really strange dreams (forgetting my pager at work and then going to return it but convincing everyone at work that I was really an astral projection of myself, and then finding a retractable leash in the parking lot to replace the one Kolbe chewed through), I sit enjoying a giant Marauder's Map mug full of coffee and pondering how best to kick some serious football butt today. Last regular season game, and yet another dreaded reffing opportunity, but you know what? I don't care, because even if it sucks two hours out of my day, I still have Monday off!

So remember kids, if you always forget the good things you have going for you, it makes it extra fun when you remember. :)

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