Monday, November 14, 2011

Because I can't leave it unfinished...

Some extra thoughts to finish out the previous post:

8. I wish it was more socially acceptable for girls to shake hands. I'm not talking about an introductory handshake. Yesterday as I was walking into Mass, two young teenage boys (probably 13 or so) greeted each other with a handshake. A "we're clearly friends who haven't seen each other in a while" handshake. Girls don't get to do that. We either hug or stand there awkwardly or potentially if you are still in high school and passing someone in the hall, you can high-five. I have a weird thing about liking handshakes anyway, but more so if it were a common way to greet just about anyone. Don't get me wrong, I love hugs, but have a hard time in situations where they are so not appropriate.

9. You know it's bad when your coworkers start petitioning for you to have days off because you are cranky. They have my best interests at heart, really, but it's a sign that work has been a little too stressful lately.

10. We diagnosed myself with a gastric ulcer tonight. Probably from work stress. Good thing I have a lifetime supply of Zantac at my fingertips. (But really, a coworker bought me some, so I didn't really steal)

11. Speaking of stealing meds, a resident called down to the pharmacy last week to ask if we could send her nauseated intern some zofran. I said no, it's prescription-only, and being that we don't have an outpatient license to dispense, it's illegal. Her response was "can't we just say a patient's dose was dropped and you can send another tablet?" Really?!? Seriously?!? Sometimes I question the qualifications required to work at the hospital.


Laura Zaps said...

You can tell the first half of the post was pre-work and the second post-work. You're right, you need a day off. J/k, I've totally been cranky this month too. Apparently we all have (by "we all" I mean those of us in the NICU); Brandi says we have to practice breathing through our noses. But...almost THANKSGIVING!!!

Jim Z said...

OK, if you can't send some prescription drugs to a co-worker, how about family? :-)

I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.