Monday, September 10, 2007

I believe that serotonin and norepinephrine stimulate euphoria

You know in Ocean's Eleven when Linus gets stuck with the unsavory task of following Benedict around to document every detail of his schedule? And when he sits and watches the staircase for when Tess comes down from the museum and he says, "This is just the best part of my day." You wanna know when that line pops into my head every single day? The minute my head hits the pillow. Every night, I think "this is just the best part of my day." Then I lay there for another hour with random thoughts running through my head and then I spend all night dreaming up the most bizarre alternate realities for myself so sleep is never as restful as I'd like. But every night, that single instant when the light is out and I get to lie down and take a deep relaxing breath, every night that feels just as good as it possibly can. I keep thinking that means my day is incredibly boring if sleep is the best part, but most of the time that's okay with me. I can pretend it means that I find that moment so relaxing because I can rest easy knowing it was a good, productive, fulfilling day. Some days that's more of a stretch than others.
On a side note, I wasted an entire weekend watching highlight clips and whole episodes of Bones. I also read several episode recaps, so all told I think I spent about 8 hours on a show I'd never seen before Friday. Notice I didn't say "wasted 8 hours" because at least 5 of those hours were well spent. I enjoy the show and the sarcasm and the witty dialogue and the obvious romantic tension between Bones and Booth (obvious probably for everyone but Bones whose favorite line seems to be "I don't know what that means," referring to the culture reference of the moment which has floated way over her head). Some of the forensic science intrigues me (mostly it disturbs me, but I hope that means I'm a sympathetic human), but mostly I enjoy it for the characters. Well, and David Boreanaz is a lot more believable as a Catholic (yay), intuitive knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor than a cradle-robbing creature of the night boyfriend. (shameless Buffy reference)
On another side note, the weather today was totally nap-worthy. And I'm excited about the WNT World Cup game tomorrow morning although the closer I get to it, the less and less appetizing 4am sounds. Maybe I'll TiVo the first half and watch the second half live. I don't even know how to work the TiVo but I bet I can find out. It has to be better soccer than the men's game I watched yesterday. I can blame some of the atrocity on the ref, but mostly Brazil just dominated a weaker team. Let's hope that North Korea doesn't prove to be as unsolvable. That's all for today. I was just killing time between work and Mass and this seemed like a more enjoyable means to an end than re-working my patient's Vanco kinetics based on today's random level.

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Laura Zaps said...

"cradle-robbing-creature-of-the-night boyfriends" is one of those lines that has an audio imprint on my brain that goes off every time i read it in print. sort of like "milllwaukee"

I reserve the right to make this blog as worthless to read as I feel like, and also to write as infrequently as I deem necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since I finally decided to share my blog.