Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pickle juice in the eye

My list of things in response to "You know what the worst thing in the world is?"
  • Gawker's Block. Seriously people, as someone who has been in an accident, I can attest to the fact that it's not nice to stare. It's even less nice to block a lane of traffic while you slow your car to a crawl in order to accomplish said staring. Go home and watch it on the news. Or just go home, so the rest of us can as well.
  • Not being able to jump in and reveal your intelligence while another person has to sit there in the hot seat and look stupid. There's legitimacy to making somebody work through something they don' t know, but it's a whole different story when all those good bites of knowledge have to sit there on the edge of my tongue while my fellow student remains mute and humiliated. I want to impress my preceptor and come to my colleague's rescue at the same time and I'm silenced with a "when I want your opinion, I'll ask for it" speech.
  • The season premiere of Bones not being aired for another week. Okay, on the list, this should fall at most at the very bottom, if it makes the list at all. But I'm not being rational. I'm being addicted, and this is what addicted people do--put waaaayyy too much stock in the object of their addiction. I just wanna watch a new episode. One that doesn't take 25 minutes to load.
  • Stubbed toes. Seriously. Every time I stub my toe, it reinforces my belief that it really is the worst thing in the world. Maybe second to a severely violated funny bone. There's nothing funny about banging your funny bone.
  • Wanting the rest of your life to start right now and having to wade through several months of "not yet." You know, wanting the rest of your life to start right now isn't reserved for people who are engaged or in a serious relationship and know that they have found the right person to whom they can pledge their eternal love. It's also for people who are sick and tired of school and need to have a real life. One that involves having pets and a house with a real bookcase and time to read all the books on that bookcase and a yard and money to travel and the opportunity to go to Catholic Biblical School and dozens of recipes to perfect and Sunday mornings to drink coffee while doing the crossword and Sunday afternoons to play pick-up football or soccer and the reason this sentence doesn't have any commas is because it's all a jumbled mess in my head of this life I want.
  • My headaches that don't appear to be affected by modern medications and don't appear to be triggered by typical stressors and don't appear to be categorically fit for any headache type. They suck.
  • Rain pouring down while I'm trying to drive. I love the rain. Really, it's like one of my favorite things in the world. The sound, the smell, the feel, the sight; everything is great about it unless I happen to be in my car. Then, and only then (and maybe during a picnic), it's the worst thing in the world.

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