Friday, September 14, 2007

Just to kill time until the internet works

I'm trying not to get upset about the fact that the Bones episode that I'm watching keeps freezing and I keep having to reload it. So far it hasn't angered me too much, but that's probably because I'm in the best mood I've been in for a long time. Think about all the stuff I have to be happy about, just so far today: USWNT won this morning and Abby Wambach scored two goals (I think that most of her stellar play was due to me wearing my Wambach jersey). Granted, one was a PK which says less about her as the most dangerous forward in the world and more about Lori Chalupny's hustle, but still fun to watch. More on Abby in a minute. Then, I drank a yummy grande half-caf, non-fat, sugar-free hazelnut latte courtesy of my wonderful dad and picked up some equally yummy Panera bagels on my way to work. Then I only had to work a little less than half a day before I got a glowing evaluation from the usually stern and gruff preceptor. He thinks I'd make a great professor. We'll see, but I'm not ruling it out because as I like to say, I could switch careers every 5 years and still be in the realm of pharmacy. Oh, and did I mention that I got an 'A'? Congratulations to me. (I have an audio imprint of that phrase, but I can't place it right now.) Then I had a couple of lovely, if brief, phone conversations on my drive home and here I sit with the whole afternoon ahead of me and nothing but Bones and a nap on the agenda. Not to mention my plans for a full-on Brian Larkin weekend since I'm in between rotations. That would all be enough to put anybody in a good mood. Add in some other mitigating factors from the week (Mary played a whole half on Tuesday, got to come home for lunch yesterday, got to have dinner with Jerry who happens to be visiting from Poland, Fr. Gillick gave a great talk at SVdP Young Adult Group, my roommates bought fruit pizza, the weather has been gorgeous) and I bet I could ride this high for quite some time. At least until Monday at 10am when rotation #4 starts.
Real quick justification for Abby Wambach being the most dangerous forward. Not only has she scored something like 80 goals in less than 100 games, but a large percentage of those goals have been with her head. When you are 5'11" and as accurate and powerful with your head as Abby is, not many teams can stop you. If they do choose to double-team you, or triple-team you as teams frequently do with Abby, she has an all-star backup core of forwards to take over the goal scoring. And that's why I think she is the most dangerous. She is virtually unstoppable (not even a numb toe and 11 stitches to close a 2-inch head gash could stop her), but if you manage to contain her, you are still going to lose. Lil and Hea-O (just learned Heather O'Reilly's nickname, pronounced Hey-Oh) and Tarpley and Carli Lloyd and Natasha Kai and company are going to take over in style. I love soccer. (Said in my "I love cake" voice) I love it because it is above all a team sport, and while one player can make or break a game, it takes 11 players to win championships. Abby Wambach may be the most important player on the field, especially statistically, but without Lori Chalupny's hustle or Lil's perfect serve, she doesn't have either goal today. With them, she dominates and puts me in a great mood.

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