Monday, February 25, 2008

Lunes de Miel (you know, like Luna de Miel, only my Monday was pretty sweet)

(Not including my pounding headache and the fact that I almost walked out the door today in my slippers and the nastifiable weather outside...) today was pretty darn good for a Monday. You wanna know why? I'll tell you.

First of all, somebody at work made cake. It was the closest I've had to my grandma's mayonnaise cake in about 7 years. I'm not sure if it was mayonnaise cake or just yummy moist chocolate cake with the really good white frosting, but it was great. I didn't need two lunch desserts (I also brought a cookie from home), especially with my pint of chocolate-chip-cheesecake frozen custard in the freezer, but it made the afternoon a lot more tolerable.

Second of all, best conversation so far at rotations... revolved around how we need to find one of my professors/friends a nice man to drag her away from the ungodly hours she spends in her office. So my preceptor tells me that my job for the next month is to find said man for this professor. (Apparently every time my preceptor asks the other professor how the love life goes, the other professor says "non-existent, Amy" in a very sassy voice--that's supposed to be my line.) So of course, I tell my preceptor that my job over the next month is to find myself a nice man. And I tell her how Denver is this hotspot of great young Catholics ('cause her complaint was that if you go to Church to meet guys, everyone is too old) but that all the great guys are in the seminary. So she says maybe I'll just have to steal one away (and then cringes and says, "is that sacreligious?"), but then recanted and said that we really need good priests. When you have a preceptor who can lament about my lack of a love life with me and at the same time stress the need for good priests, I'd say that's enough to make my Monday. On a side note, she's happily married with two adorable boys, but she told me to take heart that she was almost 27 before she got married, so I have time.

I got a lovely email today from a rockstar in the Canisius Society (for those out of the loop, read: Catholic Student Organization) who has apparently taken it upon herself to make a weekly calendar of all the Catholic events occuring on campus. Granted, a good chunk of space is filled up by the daily Masses and confession that have always been here. But if you were to look 6 years ago before I got here, that's all there would be. And that puppy was FULL! Adoration, rosary, night prayer, morning prayer, extra Mass, more adoration, fish fry, Stations of the Cross, other student meetings, etc. The group has a softball team and a Saint of the week and tons of other amazing stuff. And I just get to sit back and bask in the fruits that are finally growing. (Because this is a list of highs, I'm going to ignore the fact that I haven't been to any of these events yet because I'm selfish and lazy.)

Even though it's a week away, I got to look forward all day to my trip to Indy this weekend. A-woo-hoo. It's gonna be fairly low stress because everyone is either in Florida, or spending Saturday in Bloomington, or spending Sunday and Monday in Brown County, or whatever. But I still get to see some family and then stop in Des Moines for a little Kiel-time on the way home. There might even be some Steak'N'Shake involved this weekend.

And finally, my board review arrived today which means I no longer have to be so motivated to work out a study schedule, because I can just read a chapter a night and answer the practice questions. Best part is, I can probably get through two chapters tonight before the cheesy Lifetime movie is on. In a departure from the depressing women's issues Lifetime movies, this one has Dean Cain and steals a line from The Wedding Planner. It also has Denise Richards who hopefully plays a wedding planner better than she plays a nuclear physicist. We'll see.

Here's to a week as good as my Monday, and a little of that Denver sunshine coming my way to melt this horrible snow.


Laura Zaps said...

a woohoo. wish i could watch the lifetime movie. let me know how it goes. i've had a long day, and my GI pathology is still going on for 18 more pages. not including liver. eww.

MJ said...

Okay, Number one- I need stake and shake. Number two - Laura is not allowed to watch lifetime movies anymore and I think hearing about them falls into the same category as watching them, so don't tell her anything about it.


see you tomorrow!

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